About Agents’ Capital – The House Flipping Experts

Home Improvement Loans Assisting with Home Flipping

Here at Agents’ Capital, we provide home renovation loans that can benefit both realtors and homeowners. Our fund was established by experienced real estate investors at the peak of the house foreclosure / short sale / house flipping boom. Following this boom, there has been a major decline in feasible opportunities for house flipping (ever since mid-2013). As inventory dropped, ​capital was going unused, which led to the official creation of Agents’ Capital.

We differ from other home renovation lenders in that we do not ask our clients for their real estate listings or a portion of the increased selling price. Instead, we are just interested in getting modest returns on our loans while also helping our clients improve their effectiveness and profitability in their homes sales.

Our home renovation loans create new opportunities for:

If you would like to learn more about our loans or our company, call us at (619) 402-1884!